Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Moqui Release 1.0-preview2 Now Available

With release 1.0-preview2 the Moqui Framework is now nearly complete and has sufficient functionality to build a wide variety of functional and useful enterprise, or less formal, applications. This release includes a functional example application with various screens demonstrating features of the framework and recommended practices and patterns to use when developing with Moqui.

While not feature-complete for the planned 1.0 feature set, the 1.0-preview2 release is ready for early adopters. For those interested, this is a great time to try out Moqui for a pet project or even a more formal project that is just getting started and won't be deployed in production for at least a few months.

Feedback on functionality and bugs by early adopters would be extremely helpful for the project at this point, both to validate (or invalidate...) designs and to more extensively test the implementation.

The release and release notes are available here:


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