Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moqui Demo Site on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

There is now a demo site for Moqui Framework at:

This site is running on Amazon Web Service's Elastic Beanstalk service (as a war file in Tomcat 7) and uses the AWS RDS database (MySQL 5.5.12).

Deploying this demo site involved a couple of bug fixes for running on Apache Tomcat and on MySQL, and both are working well now.

Moqui also now includes some features to make it easier to create a war file with the runtime directory included, even if you just have the war file from the Moqui binary release and the new wartools.xml Ant build file. Just run "ant -f wartools.xml add-runtime" and a new war file will be created from the existing moqui-1.0.war file, your file, and your runtime directory.

Enjoy the demo, and enjoy this new and easy way to deploy apps built on Moqui Framework.

Also, and my business site are now also running on Moqui Framework in another AWS Elastic Beanstalk instance.