Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moqui Ecosystem Application Boost and Mentorship

One of the big objectives right now is to build out the application ecosystem based on Moqui Framework and Mantle Business Artifacts.

To help move this along I'd like to start building more community around existing projects (HiveMind and PopCommerce), and support developers working on these and other projects. The general idea is you work on functionality and I will review your work, offer feedback and training along the way, and if applicable (for HiveMind, PopCommerce, Mantle, etc) work with you to get your changes committed to the GitHub repositories for these projects.

For HiveMind I've been keeping a list of ideas for additional functionality here, and for those interested this is one good place to start:

For PopCommerce I have been working on some general ecommerce functionality and there is a lot of work to do based on what is now in place for payment processor integrations (, Cybersource, PayPal, BitPay, etc), shippers (UPS, FedEx, etc), and tax calculation (Vertex, Avalara, etc). My plan is for each of these integrations to be a separate add-on component, BTW, and not part of Mantle or PopCommerce (but they would implement the now existing service interfaces and used the configuration touch points in Mantle).

There are also general things like a more real-world friendly checkout process, cart/order based promotions (price rules are already in place), support for products with variants, better browsing and parameterized search help (using augmented ElasticSearch/Lucene search strings like in HiveMind task search), and so much more.

These are just some ideas and I'm open to others as well, for HiveMind and PopCommerce and for other projects such as the EZBiz concept which may be split into multiple applications, and should probably have a different name too.

If you are interested in participating please send me an email ( describing what you'd like to work on and the relevant experience and skills you have.