Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Making Apps with Moqui - Book Now Available

My latest book is now available on Amazon.com:


Making Apps with Moqui is the official documentation for Moqui Framework and includes a comprehensive summary of Mantle Business Artifacts. Starting with basic concepts and a tutorial to try things rights away, it builds to complete examples of end-to-end business processes including procure to pay, order to cash, and work plan to cash.

The framework topics cover data and service tier tools, user and system interfaces, security, and performance. With dozens of diagrams and screen shots, and thousands of lines of code and configuration examples, this book gives you ideas of what you can do with Moqui Framework and shows you how too. This includes things as simple as defining your data model with entities to more advanced things like building hierarchical data documents based on entity data and feeding them to other systems or indexing and searching the documents through simple configuration.

Learn how to easily build remote and local services that handle validation, security, transaction management, and much more. Build screens quickly with a wide variety of dynamic widgets and forms styled any way you wish, or even define your own widgets to use consistently across your applications. Handle large scale and milt-tenant systems. Track your application use and performance. Implicitly handle multiple languages, currencies and other localization details. Control access to resources across all tiers through flexible authc and authz configuration. 

Written by the founder of Moqui and Mantle, and an enterprise application architect with 15 years of open source and commercial experience, this book provides the most accurate and useful information available for building modern enterprise applications with some of the best open source tools and technologies.

NOTE: this book is also available for free download from http://www.moqui.org.