Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Initial Releases of Mantle Business Artifacts and HiveMind Project Manager

Mantle Business Artifacts 0.5.0 is now available for download through GitHub here:

HiveMind PM (Project Manager) 1.0.0 is now available here:

It is exciting to release these first versions of these two projects. They represent the first significant body of business functionality based on Moqui Framework and make Moqui and Mantle an excellent alternative to Apache OFBiz and other open source ERP, CRM, and eCommerce open source projects and commercial products.

Mantle Business Artifacts 0.5.0

This is the initial release of Mantle Business Artifacts (version 0.5.0). It is based on Moqui Framework 1.3.2. This version covers procure to pay, order to cash, and work plan to cash processes including:

Purchase and Sales Orders (for goods, services, materials, etc; POs for inventory and equipment/supplies/etc)
Project, Task, and Request management with time and expense recording, billable/payable rates by project/task/client/worker/etc
Incoming and Outgoing Invoices with a wide variety of item types and an XSL:FO template for print or email
Automatic invoice generation for purchase orders (AP), sales orders (AR), project client time and expenses (AR), project vendor/worker time and expenses (AP)
Payments, both manually recorded and automatic through payment processing interfaces; applying payments to invoices
Fulfillment of sales orders (including basic picking and packing) and receiving of purchase orders
Inventory management including issuance and receipt, and inventory reservation for sales orders
Automated GL account posting of incoming and outgoing invoices, outgoing and incoming payments, payment application, and inventory receipt and issuance
General GL functionality for time periods, validation of transactions to post, time period closing
Balance Sheet and Income Statement reports (and basic posted amounts and account balance by time period summaries)

The automated tests are a great example of functionality and a good reference for where data ends up. They include complete flows with service calls and data validation for purchase orders (procure to pay), sales orders (order to cash), and billable projects with client and vendor/worker invoice/payment (work plan to cash).

HiveMind PM 1.0.0

HiveMind PM version 1.0.0 is the first official release. It is based on Moqui Framework 1.3.2 and Mantle Business Artifacts 0.5.0. This initial version of HiveMind Project Manager includes:

Vendor, Internal Org, Client, Worker, and other User administration
Rate setup for client billing and vendor/worker payout by project, worker, etc.
Project management
Milestone management and planning
Task management (hierarchical, associated with project and optionally milestone)
Flexible task searching and all-in-one task summary
Request management, including creating tasks to address the request
Time entry by task
Expense entry by project
Invoices and payments to pay vendor/worker for time and expenses
Invoices and payments to bill clients and receive payment
Invoice PDF
GL posting for invoices and payments
Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and posted balance/summary reports
Wiki with attachments for requirements and designs, linked to tasks and requests
Consolidated searching across projects, tasks, requests, and wiki
Simple email notifications for task, wiki, etc updates

The and include Moqui Framework and Mantle Business Artifacts and are ready to go. The file is built and has a Derby database preloaded with demo data, so just run it (gradle run, ant run, or java -jar moqui-1.3.2.war) and in your browser go to:



Unknown said...
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Mike said...

This looks really good.
When do you think you will begin to add Business Intelligence/ Reporting functions ?

Unknown said...

Hi Mike,

Moqui Framework has some general reporting functionality for producing CSV, XML, and PDF files from the XML screen definition files, or custom ones. It also has a basic export building UI that uses the entity definitions to build view entities (joins, etc) for ad-hoc data exports.

There is also functionality for a BI/OLAP database that is separate from the main transactional/operational/OLTP database and for feeding data to it.

For more general reporting and BI functionality there will be more similar features and enhancements to these features over time, but Moqui Framework is mainly an application building tool and reporting/BI tools work quite well as separate systems.

That said, Mantle Business Artifacts already has some reports and printed documents and will have more, and for the foreseeable future these are and will be built using the tools in the framework.

With the data in an SQL database there are many reporting tools that can be used separately, and there is an opportunity to integrate with business-specific BI packages too... chances are more of that will happen over time. Google Analytics and Business Objects are examples of these, and there a hundreds of them out there targeted at different types of organizations.

Unknown said...

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