Friday, December 27, 2013

Moqui Mini-Conf Jan 2014 Las Vegas

I now have some space in Las Vegas sufficient to host around 10 people for a conference, so planning to do some mini conference and training meetings here more regularly. The place is about 3 miles west of the LAS airport near highway 215. It has a good sized conference table and a connected room with projector setup that is a sort of lounge.

The first of these will be in late January 2014. I am open to feedback on dates and thinking of the 23-25 (Thu-Sat). The first day I'll offer general framework training and diving into more details based on questions and feedback during the training. The training can go into Mantle and HiveMind based on interest, but will be focused on Moqui Framework. The other two days will be general discussions and dev sessions in an un-conference format, in other words we'll start the conference with a huddle about what the rest of the conference will look like.

Some ideas for conference sessions and dev playing include the Mantle data model and services, playing with Drools rules (now used in Mantle for pricing, order shipping charges, and working on the tax calc side of it now) and jBPM workflows. The HiveMind project management and wiki functionality, ideas for improving it, and discussion about real-world use is another good topic right now.

Other fun topics might include ElasticSearch and a follow-up on the results of some ideas that came out of the last conference (the DataDocument, DataFeed, and DataSearch tools, and the Notification framework). For the notification framework a good topic of discussion would be using that with WebSocket, which I haven't done yet due to trouble finding a good library for WebSocket that is independent of the servlet container.

Given the legacy of Moqui/Mantle/etc in the Apache OFBiz project discussions around the two projects (differences, similarities, ideas for using them together, ideas for changing each to be more like the other, etc, etc) is another good topic for discussion.

The last conference was free, and the thanks goes to Hotwax Media for hosting the event. This conference will have a small charge of $50 for basic supplies and snacks and such, and $200 for the training day on Thursday for those interested.

Please comment on the Moqui Ecosystem LinkedIn group on general timing and interest, and contact me directly ( if you would like to attend.